General Course

General Course

For those who wish to utilize Japanese language to help them interact successfully with society

Teaching students to improve their language skills ( listening, reading, writing, speaking) in beginner and intermediate levels. during advanced levels providing basic knowledge of Japanese language along with advanced lessons that meet students goals after graduation
Focusing on Japanese culture and communication skills during classes which also aim to prepare the students for JLPT/N1 test to be able to work in Japanese companies inside and outside Japan, beside teaching the polite form of Japanese language which is being used in Japanese work environments.

Level Class hours Curriculum Textbook
Beginner 13:10~17:00
  • Basic knowledge of Japanese language
  • Important lingual skills for daily life
  • beginner level 1 preparing for JLPT/N5 test
    beginner level 2 preparing for JLPT/N4 test
  • Minna no Nihongo
  • Original Materials
Intermediate 13:10~17:00
  • Acquisition of knowledge of slightly advanced grammar and vocabulary
  • Learn to utilize the studied grammar to initiate cohesive understandable conversation.
  • Preparation for JLPT/N3 test in the first half of intermediate level and for JLPT/N2 test in the second half.
  • Chukyu e Ikoo/and
  • Bunka Chukyu Nihongo,
  • Chukyu kara manabu Nihongo
  • JLPT 2kyuu (Level 2) Mondai-shu
  • Ryugakuseno tameno Kanji no Kyokasho
  • Original Materials Character
  • Original Materials Grammar
  • Original Materials Vocabulary
Advanced 9:00~12:50
  • Practice of communication in a variety of situations.
  • Enhancing reading and listening skills by using multiple media like TV news or newspapers
  • Learning the used expressions in workplaces, listening comprehension and to form right and understandable sentences while speaking.
  • Ability to solve exercises in Japanese language
  • Aim for high scores in JLPT N1 test
  • Nihon wo hanasou
  • Nihongo bunpou ensyu・keigo wo chushin toshita taijin kankei no hyougen
  • Nihongo Jyokyu wasya eno michi
  • Shin kanzen master N1 grammar
  • JLPT supper Moshi N1
  • 20days de gokaku N1 Moji・Goi・Bunpou
  • Raw materials

※Teaching materials of Shimura Campus are different from Azusawa Campus

Hospitals throughout Japan, telecommunications companies, IT-related companies,
Anime production, manufacturers, trade companies, etc.