Manga & Anime studying course

Manga & Anime studying course

Basic course in fine arts for those who wish to become cartoonists and animators

This program has two courses one for drawing and other course for animation and manga. these courses open the door in front of the students to enter the world of manga and animation industry in the future and allow them to study fine arts at universities and vocational schools.

First foreign animators teachers in japan
Studying urban subjects of anime and manga such as used terminology in manga and anime schools, origin of anime, characters design and moving image creating.

the instructor of pre-college course, help students to find the proper college and to choose drawing subject.

Section Monday Tuesday
Common 14:10~16:00 Drawing Animation Drawing

the artwork of A and B student before and after tuition course.

Universities and vocational school for Manga & Anime
also schools for designing such as universities and vocational schools