College Preparatory

College Preparatory

Students who wish to continue studies upon graduation with Japanese universities, graduate schools, or vocational schools

Teaching students to improve their language skills ( listening, reading, writing, speaking) in beginner and intermediate levels. Advanced levels students are being taught to surpass EJU & JLPT test and preparing them to enter higher educational level by helping them writing research plan and short essays and how to listen to lectures and communication.

Level Class hours Curriculum Textbook
Beginner 13:10~17:00
  • Basic knowledge of Japanese language
  • Important lingual skills for daily life
  • beginner level 1 preparing for JLPT/N5 test
    beginner level 2 preparing for JLPT/N4 test
  • Minna no Nihongo
  • Original Materials
Intermediate 13:10~17:00
  • Acquisition of knowledge of slightly advanced grammar and vocabulary
  • Learn to utilize the studied grammar to initiate cohesive understandable conversation.
  • Preparation for JLPT/N3 test in the first half of intermediate level and for JLPT/N2 test in the second half.
  • Chukyu e Ikoo
  • Bunka Chukyu Nihongo,
  • Chukyu kara manabu Nihongo
  • JLPT 2kyuu (Level 2) Mondai-shu
  • Ryugakuseno tameno Kanji no Kyokasho
  • Original Materials Character
  • Original Materials Grammar
  • Original Materials Vocabulary
Advanced 9:00~12:50
  • Improving the required knowledge for studying abroad for each student
  • Preparation for both EJU & JLPT test
  • Preparation for entering universities, writing essays and rehearsing for interviews.
  • Studying important expressions and vocabulary for writing proper research plan
  • Learning how to listen properly to lectures and taking notes
  • Learning how to communicate with others in college life
  • Japanese language proficiency test JLPT/N1
  • Jyokyu de manabu Nihongo
  • Daigakuse ni naru tame no Nihongo
  • Academic skill wo Ministukeru workbook
  • Keigo wo chusin to sita Taijinkankei no Hyogen
  • Nihon bunka wo yomu
  • Nihongo Jyokyu wasya eno michi
  • Original Materials Character
  • Original Materials Grammar
  • Original Materials Vocabulary
  • Raw materials

※Teaching materials of Shimura Campus are different from Azusawa Campus

Public Graduate Schools

University Graduate Course
University of Tokyo School of Engineering
Tokyo Institute of Technology Science and Engineering Graduate School
Tokyo Metropolitan University Science and Engineering Graduate School
University of Tsukuba Graduate School of Comprehensive Human Sciences
Kobe University Graduate School of Economics PhD / International Cooperation Studies
and so on…

Private Graduate Schools

University Graduate Course
Waseda University Commerce / Economics / International Communication Studies
Aoyama Gakuin University International Management
Rikkyo University Graduate School of Business Administration
Hosei University Human society / Economics / Business Administration / International Japanese Studies
Meiji University Graduate School of Commerce
and so on…

Public Universities

University Major
Yokohama National University Faculty of Business Administration
Saitama University Department of Information Systems Engineering
Ibaraki University Faculty of Engineering, Department of Media Communications / Department of Materials Engineering
Ehime University Department of Mechanical Engineering, Materials / Faculty of Law and Letters, Department of integrated policy / Faculty of Humanities, Department of Psychology
University of the Ryukyus Faculty of Engineering Department of Mechanical Systems Engineering / Faculty of Agriculture, Department of subtropical agriculture, forestry and environment
and so on…

Private Universities

University Major
Waseda University Faculty of Business and Commerce / imagination, Faculty of Science and Technology
Jōchidaigaku Faculty of Economics / General Human Sciences
Aoyama Gakuin University Department of economics
Daito Bunka University Japanese and foreign languages
Meiji Gakuin University Department of economics
Toyo University Department of Economics, International Economics Department
Nihon University Faculty of Economics / department of literature and science
Komazawa University Faculty of Arts / Department of Economics / Faculty of Business Administration
Chuo University Faculty of Science and Technology / School of Commerce / Department of Economics
Senshu University School of Commerce
Kokushikan University Faculty of Arts / Faculty of Law / department of politics and economics
Bunka Gakuen University Art University
Tama Art University Faculty of Fine Arts
Joshibi University Faculty of Arts / Faculty of Fine Arts
Kansai University School of Commerce
Kyoto Seika University School of Design
and so on…

Vocational Schools

School name Major・course
JTB Travel & Hotel College International Tourism Business School
Shurin College of Foreign Languages Japan and South Korea interpretation and translation department
Chuo College of Technology International Communication Department / Industry specialized courses Department of Architectural Design
Tokyo Animation College Manga Illustration Department / animation department
Tokyo International Business College Department of Global Business / International Language Communication Studies / Department of International Communication
Tokyo Designer Gakuin College Animation department / cartoon family / Illustration Department / video design course
Tokyo Design Academy Department of Graphic Design / Creative Arts Department / Fashion Design Department
Tokyo Design Technology Center College IT Department of Design
College of Jewelry Tokyo Hiko Mizuno Jewelry specialized courses / course shoes / manufacturer back course
Japan Electronics College Industry specialized courses Animation department / mobile apps Course / graphic design course
and so on…