In case of cancel the registration request, does school refund the paid fees?

It depends to what stage has been reached during the application process.

  1. If application has not been processed to immigration bureau, it is possible to refund the transferred fee.
  2. If application documents has been processed to immigration bureau, it is not possible to refund the transferred fee.
  3. In case of cancellation after the approval from immigration bureau has been issued and paying all tuition fee. the school will refund all payments after deducting admission fee and money transferring fee.

In case if the visa has been obtained, the visa must be canceled at Japanese embassy before receiving all paid tuition fees after deducting admission fee and money transferring fee.

I’m a college student can apply for the school? I’m still at the first year of high school can I apply for the school? still a student at intermediate school can I apply for the school?

As a basic condition to apply for the school, student must have 12 years of academic record, but in case of short term course this condition is not required. Usually most of students from high school graduate and above are aiming to continue their studying in Japan. A special course is provided in case of intermediate school students.

Is there any age limits to applying for school?

The purpose of study is the most effective factor in case of foreign students that’s why we don’t take in consideration the applicant’s age therefore some students might not be accepted if their purpose of study was improper. This condition does not apply in case of short term students.

Can I temporary visit my country during school enrollment period in order to take graduation exam?

School calendar include four end-term vacations beside summer vacation so it is better to take any exam during these vacations, if it is not possible a short term return request form must be submitted at school office.

Can I refund tuition fee if I decided to quit the school during the enrollment period?

In case of withdrawing the school return the tuition fee to student for untaken semesters.

As a student what are the estimated costs for one year in Japan?

The sum of tuition fee plus the insurance fee is 770000 yen for the first year (690000 yen for the second year). As for living expense and monthly rent the annual estimated amount is 900000 yen.

Learning environment

Is there any college guidance programs? how much does it costs?

A preparatory classes are being held from Monday till Friday to cover subjects such as mathematics, English, science, chemistry and preparatory materials for high educational schools. starts from April and it is for free.

What language do teachers speak during classes?

All classes are being held in Japanese language.

How many students per class?

Each classroom accommodate up to 20 students.
The average is from 15 to 17 students per class.

How many students in the school?

Last Statistical on July 2014 shows that there is 500 students in both campuses (Shimura and Azusawa) and that include both shifts, day and night shift.

What is the nationality of most students?

For the time being there are students from China, Mongolia, Korea, Bangladesh, Myanmar and Egypt.

Life Support

Does school help students to find part-time jobs?

The school always provide students with information about part-time jobs by email. please make sure to follow up the incoming messages from school. In case if you were not able to find a job please contact school office.

Is it possible to get a reduction on transportation fee from school?

Students can receive a special permits which allow them to get reduction on transportation fee when using TOEI metro lines and buses.

Does school staff speak foreign languages?

School staff speaks Japanese, English, Chinese, Korean and Arabic.


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