Student Affairs

Student Affairs

Supportive staff with multi-lingual skills

Therefore, students from any country can consult our staff about anything whether about daily life or part time job.which helps them to focus even more to achieve their dreams

Taeko KobayashiPrincipal of School
Asia Area Coordinator

Taeko Kobayashi
I realized at the age of 30 that I was very interested in the Chinese Language,I entered Beijing Normal University and pursued Chinese Language Studies.
I then specialized in Chinese Film Studies at Beijing Film Academy.
I love Asia from “with all of my heart.”
Akiko OmuraKokusho Head of Office
Korean/English Speaker Affairs

Akiko Omura
I have had experience both studying and working in Korea and New Zealand. Moreover, I have experience as a Japanese teacher and I hope to use that to your benefit as students at Kokusho. Please feel very free to drop by the office anytime.
Xu ZhengCoordinator of Chinese Affairs
Xu Zheng
I first came to Japan in 2001. In 2007 I left the Nagoya University Department of Multicultural Studies, Graduate School of Languages & Cultures having exceeded the accepted period of completion of Doctorate Studies. I then began working for Kokusho. What kind of country is Japan? What kind of people are the Japanese? These are questions I will answer based on my experience.
Hidenori NishiguchiCoordinator of Chinese Affairs
Hidenori Nishiguchi
I went to China to study Chinese during university days and came back to Japan afterwards. While making use of my own experience of studying abroad I am gladly supporting foreign students who came to Japan to study Japanese. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to ask me^^/
LI HESONGMedical Support
Supporting the students with regards to medical issues by interpreting to students while escorting them to hospitals for receiving medical check ups
please if you felt with any malaise even if it is a slight one, don’t be hesitate to come to my office.
Lee SanghoHead of Korea Office
Lee Sangho
Room1312 Jongro 1st Kwanchul-dong,Jongro-ku,Seoul Korea
Ling HaoHead of Beijing Office
Ling Hao
Room 1607, Hua Ye Guo Ji B Block, Chao Yang District, Beijing, China.
Yukio TamuraKESA Japanese Language Training center
(Mongolia Ulaanbaatar)

Yukio Tamura
Room #203,205 ESP building Sukhbaatar district 8
khoroo Ulaanbaatar