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LEE JIYOUNGenrolling students July 2014
Lee Jiyong(Korea. Female)
Tôi kết hôn vào đầu năm 2013, sau đó tới Nhật theo công việc của chồng.
Lần đầu tiên đến Nhật, tôi đã hy vọng ” những ngày tháng tới, mình sẽ sống hạnh phúc” . Tuy nhiên, hiện thực lại hoàn toàn khác với những gì tôi suy nghĩ. Lý do, vì tôi hoàn toàn không học tiếng Nhật ở quê nhà, nên tôi không hiểu chút gì tiếng Nhật khi tới đây. Tuy đây là điều hiển nhiên , nhưng tôi xem tivi cũng không hiểu gì, đương nhiên tôi cũng không thể đi ra ngoài một mình. Tôi có cảm giác dường như mình hoàn toàn thành đứa bé con.
Nhìn tôi vừa mới kết hôn mà luôn có tâm trạng chán nản, chồng tôi đã cho tôi đến trường Nhật ngữ Kokusho học tiếng Nhật. Tôi nhìn những học viên cùng lớp thua tôi tới chục tuổi , ai cũng chăm chỉ học tập nên bản thân tôi cũng cố gắng học hành. Tuy việc học ở trường rất nghiêm khắc , ngày nào cũng có bài tập và bài kiểm tra, nhưng chỉ sau 1 tháng chăm chỉ, tôi đã có thể viết được nhật ký bằng tiếng Nhật.
Ngay cả các bạn Hàn Quốc xung quanh tôi , cũng nhận xét ” từ ngày tôi đi học , biểu hiện của tôi cũng thay đổi “. Quả đúng là như vậy. Khi tôi có sự tự tin về tiếng Nhật , nụ cười đã trở lại trên gương mặt tôi. Tôi xin chân thành cảm ơn ngôi trường đã mang lại nụ cười trên gương mặt tôi , cảm ơn trường Nhật ngữ Kokusho.
Khant Ko Hein2010 Recipient of the “ Honors Scholarship for Privately Financed International Students”
Khant Ko Hein (Myanmar. Male)
Before coming to japan I thought it is impossible to study Japanese language, but after I came to japan I realized that studying Japanese was not very difficult after all thanks to the teachers who were very nice and patience with beside the printed martial were very useful and helped me a lot. Despite the fact that Myanmaries students were few but I had the chance to study with students from different countries and every one was very friendly which helped to overcome all the difficulties of living in japan.
The experience I had with everyone at kokusho is something I will never forget for the rest of my life.
李 宣和2010 Recipient of the “ Honors Scholarship for Privately Financed International Students”
Lee Sonwa (Korea. Female)
When I first came to japan all I knew about Japanese language was just the hiragana and as such matter there was a lot of things I didn’t know about Japanese life style but thanks to all teachers and friends at kokusho I wasable to enjoy studying every day at the school.
Probably one of the best things about kokusho is the ability of studying with people from different countries and even when I was facing difficulties I received help and support from everyone around me which helped me to focus on study effectively.
Studying and experiencing the life in japan for a year change me in many different ways and finally became able to achieve the dreams that I always have been chasing. And I intend now to go even further and do my best.
jeong wonjong2009 Recipient of the “ Honors Scholarship for Privately Financed International Students”
Jeong Wonjong (Korea. Male)
I entered Kokusho Japanese Language School in 2008 April.
Kokusho is located just outside of Central Tokyo and I found that a great advantage to my studies, because it helped me focus on my homework rather than spending too much time just enjoying the city.
As a child, I used to devote all of my time to soccer rather than studying, but studying at Kokusho changed all of that. I am really glad I studied at this school. I owe a lot of my success to my teachers who were friendly and compassionate, yet strict at the same time.
I am taking the Advanced Class now. I started out not even knowing hiragana but now I find myself in the Advanced Class with a scholarship! I am studying for university entrance exams now and I have every confidence that I will succeed!!
Saw Yu Mon2009 Recipient of the “Honors Scholarship for Privately Financed International Students”
Saw Yu Mon (Myanmar. Female)
I entered the Kokusho in 2008 July. I was the only student from Myanmar in my class, but everyone from my homeroom teacher to my classmates treated me in both a warm and friendly manner. I got to interact with so many students from so many countries and diverse cultures that I feel Kokusho is not merely a Japanese language school, but rather a school of life itself. That is what I really think!
At this school, I am not limited to studying Japanese, but have the freedom to study about Japanese life and culture, other specific subjects, and English and so on: this is ideal for me because I intend to continue my studies after graduation. Having been awarded a scholarship, I am going to work that much harder to absorb as much Japanese culture as I can..
I am certain in the future as I reflect on my life that my enrollment in Kokusho will stand out as a major event in my life. I will never forget my experience at Kokusho.
Huang Qianer2009 Recipient of the “Honors Scholarship for Privately Financed International Students”
Huang Qianer (China Hong Kong. Female)
I entered Kokusho in 2008 October. At first I was a bit nervous because there was no one from my home country in my class and my Japanese was not so good. Well, the teachers at Kokusho took care of me and soon I was part of the class like everyone else.
Well, the rules at Kokusho can be tough sometimes, but it is this discipline to which I owe my improvement in Japanese.
Having been fortunate enough to come to Japan, I plan to experience firsthand as much of Japan as I can. I look forward to the festivals, fireworks festival, and joining in the various events held by Kokusho.
Inthalaeng Usanee2009 Recipient of the Kyoritsu International Foundation Scholarship
Inthalaeng Usanee (Thailand. Female)
Coming to Japan alone meant many things to me. I was leaving my loving family behind and felt a lot of apprehension: What would my future be? Could I make friends? All of these things I wondered, but I had come to Japan in search of a dream, my dream. Immediately I had the wonderful support of my Kokusho teachers and staff anytime I needed it. And I had my friends with which to laugh and cry as well and found my apprehension had completely disappeared. Of course life as a foreign student was not always easy for me, but I always believe “There is a light at the end of the tunnel.” The everyday things; the daily quizzes, the homework, the guidance of my teachers, the smile on a friend`s face—All of these together coalesce in my mind like a beautiful rainbow as I think of them now.
I am sure we all have our own worries, but remember! You are not alone! You are always surrounded by your tough yet caring teachers and your friends!
Park hanna2008 Spring Quarter Recipient of the Spring Quarter Kokusho Japanese Language School Scholarship
Park hanna (Korea. Female)
I entered Kokusho in January of this year with the intent of advancing to the university level.
Located just outside of Central Tokyo, I found the quiet area around Kokusho to be very conducive to my goal of entering university. It was just right for my purposes. At the time I wrote this, I was in the Advanced Class. Although a textbook was the primary resource for the class, we also studied related topics such as Social Issues in Japan and Japanese History under the guidance of our teachers. As a result my knowledge of Japan was greatly deepened.
Intent on making the most of my time in Japan, I was an active participant in school events. These events allowed me to make friendships both within my class and with member of other classes. I think the highlight event was the fireworks festival. I will never forget being able to wear a Japanese Yukata to the fireworks festival.
Well, the time finally came for entrance exams and I got through some tough days with a little bit of encouragement from my friends and was rewarded with positive results.
gaowei2007 Recipient of the Fall Quarter Kokusho Japanese Language School Scholarship
Gao Wei (China. Male)
I entered Kokusho in 2007 April.
As I progressed from the Beginning Japanese Class to the Advanced Class, I always found my teachers and classmates to be very friendly. Of course there was always that good “Kokusho Discipline” as well.
Punctuality is important and if you are even one minute late for class everyone knows it. And there are those daily homework assignments, too. If you are late handing in your homework, the teachers do not let you get away with it: they demand that homework assignments are always completed and handed in.
It is this very discipline, however, that gave me the confidence to take the EJU, the JLPT, and my university entrance examination.
What is more, because of the results of my EJU, I was awarded a scholarship upon entrance to Takasaki City University of Economics.
Sun ZhikaiEntered Kokusho in 2003 October. Below was written in 2004.
Sun Zhikai (China. Male)
I came to Japan in October. Although this was my first trip abroad, I had already reached the intermediate level in Japanese by studying Nihongo no Kiso. I realized that study was both challenging and enjoyable.
Beginning Japanese was quite simple for me and I learned Japanese grammar and vocabulary readily without much preparation or review at first, so I found to my surprise that my initial experience as a foreign student in Japan was not nearly as challenging as I had imagined. As my language studies progressed to higher and more difficult levels, however, I finally realized that I must concentrate during class, prepare carefully, and constantly do review work at home.
Study is a very hard thing. So I was happy to find my Kokusho teachers to be so devoted to the teaching discipline. My teachers have found many materials to aid me in passing my entrance examinations and they explain them all to me very carefully. They locate detailed information on my chosen universities for me and we have great mutual communication. This relieved much of my anxiety for me in an enjoyable fashion.
Niluka LasanthiEntered Kokusho 2003 November. Below was written in 2004.
Niluka Lasanthi (Sri Lanka. Female)
I arrived in Japan in 2003 November. I now study Japanese at Kokusho and live in a school dormitory. I was so surprised by many things when I first came to Japan. I was shocked especially at the high price of goods in Japan. For example, it only costs ¥ 12 for a bottle of coca-cola in Sri Lanka. But in Japan the same bottle of coke costs ¥ 120. This disparity in the cost of goods was really new to me. Well, I have been in Japan for seven months now and I have largely gotten used to the high cost of stuff in Japan.
When I first came to Japan, I knew no Japanese, but I have now learned a lot of Japanese. The Kokusho teachers work so diligently that I have learned more Japanese more quickly than I ever expected. I thought my first experience to live abroad and alone would be hard, but the Kokusho teachers have been quite understanding and helpful. They have made my transition to Japan easier and more enjoyable than I ever expected. Upon graduation from Kokusho I intend to study Business Management at a graduate school in Japan, so I study hard for many hours each day. As my classes have become more advanced, so have my studies become more challenging. Nevertheless, I will study hard to accomplish the goals I have set for myself.